Remote Observatory Hosting
Operate your  own Observatory, Telescope, and CCD remotely 
via the Internet (3G Mobile Broadband)
from Coonabarabran, The Astronomy Capital of Australia
Southern Hemisphere location

Astronomical Capital of Australia

Dark skies protected by local government lighting code

Average 65% clear nights

Galactic Centre overhead in cold dry winter nights

Located near Siding Spring Observatory, Australia's Premier Optical Astronomical Facility

Lease you an observing site

We will do the following:

Set up your Observatory.
We recommend Sirius Observatories and can source and erect this for you.
Can help source other observatories or arrange a builder to build your own design.

Connect to power and internet.

Setup your mount , telescope, CCD, computer, etc

Can help source equipment you need.

We live on site which adds a level of security

Provide ongoing support.
Purchase or rent an Existing Observatory
2.3 metre diameter Sirius Observatory all setup with power an internet.

Pier with astrophysics 900 mount, and Williams Optics 120mm refractor with guidescope available as an option.

or use your own mount / telescope system.

The Vela Supernova Remnant by Marco Lorenzi. He was also awarded Astrophotographer of the Year by The Royal Observatory at Greenwich.

Hen 2-111 a Planetary Nebula in the glare of Alpha Centauri by Marco Lorenzi

The Large Magellanic Cloud in H alpha by Marco Lorenzi

NGC 6188 & NGC 6164 by Marco Lorenzi

Visit Marco's website for more images taken here and around the world

Silvercoin Galaxy by Angus Lau

Hydra Clusterof Galaxies by Angus Lau

Visit Angus's website for more astrophotography.
Setup Costs
You pay for all setup expenses at cost.
No startup fee
You pay when your observatory is operational

Ongoing Costs

Annual Rental Charge
Electricity  at cost
Internet Charges
Warrumbungle Observatory is owned and operated by Peter Starr.

Peter has qualifications in Astronomy and Chemistry, and his main interest in  astrophotography, photometry, and educating people of all ages the science of astronomy and teaching them the night sky.

The observatory is located 9km west of Coonabarabran, NSW, the Astronomy Capital of Australia.

The area is famous for its clear, dark night skies, and of course hosts Australias Premier Optical Astronomical Facility, Siding Spring Observatory. The site is 600m above sea level.

The dark skies are protected out to a radius of 200km with government restrictions on lighting for business and residential properties. The site is 450km distant from the light polluted skies of Sydney, 600km from Canberra, and 500km from Brisbane.

The site boasts a high percentage of clear nights. On average 65% of the nights are totally clear.

Warrumbungle Observatory is located on a 4 acre property named "Tenby". Sites are available to accommodate remote observatories controlled over satellite internet. The site has power and security.

65% clear  nights
Dark Night Sky protected by lighting restrictions at a 200km radius
Located at 31 degrees altitude south, 149 degrees east.
600m above sea level.

Interested? Contact Peter Starr :  email starr_peter@hotmail.com or phone 0488425112

Control over the internet from your own home!
or come and visit

Available for nightly hire or longer

Research grade CCD available with RGB filters narrowband Ha, OIII, SII.
UBVRI Filters availble for precision photometry of Variable stars, Asteroids, or Exoplanet Transits.